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Camotes Islands

About Camotes Islands

Located within the vicinity of the Queen City of the South, the Camotes Group of Islands is a must-see destination. It is composed of three main islands - Pacijan, Poro, and Ponson - and one minor islet, Tulang. Four municipalities are distributed across the 236 square kilometer area of Camotes, and their registered residents tally to more than 100 thousand.

Camotes Island Beach Aerial view

The beauty of nature emanates from the various beaches and farms found in Camotes. You can bask in the warmth of the tropical sunshine while sipping a cold bottle of booze. But, if you are keen on chilling throughout your vacation, you may also discover an abundance of restaurants and spas on the islands.

It does not matter whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation. In Camotes Islands, there is no reason for you to choose. You can always have both.

Why Go to Camotes Islands?

The Philippines is never short of natural tourist destinations, so why choose the Camotes? Well, here are some reasons to convince you to explore Camotes.

  • Variety of Activities

    Families or groups of friends can go to the islands and expect that they will not run out of activities. For the adventure-seekers, they can go spelunking across the different caves. For ocean-lovers, snorkeling and scuba diving are best done in the crystal clear waters of Camotes. And for those who are spiritual and meditative, there are historical churches on the island that you can visit.

  • Beach Resorts

    Many people still have the misconception that islands are off-grid places where you have to sleep in tents and drink water from the river. That is not true. At the Camotes Islands, you can experience the beauty of nature and stay in cozy and well-established resorts.

  • Escape from the City Life

    Want to go somewhere without the hustle and bustle of cities? Then, the Camotes Islands is the place for you. Leave the stresses of your work behind, because, in Camotes, you will find the rest and recreation that you deserve.

  • Fresh and Good Food

    Farming and fishing are among the most dominant industries in this destination, so you can expect to eat nothing but the best here. Most restaurants on the island serve grilled seafood, which is caught from the surrounding waters.

Aside from these reasons, there are still many others for you to discover. And you can answer the “why” once you go to the islands yourself.

Must-Visit Attractions in Camotes Islands

Lake Danao view
Photo: Lake Danao view

At this point, you may already be thinking about going to Camotes. How, then, should you plan for your itinerary? Check out this list of attractions that you can put on your bucket list.

  • Camotes Flying Fish Resort

    A resort boasting of its diving site with a fantastic view of the reefs

  • Lake Danao Park

    A guitar-shaped lake where you can have picnics and lunch-outs

  • Busay Waterfalls

    A small waterfall attracting tourists, locals, and foreigners alike

  • Buho Rock

    A coral rock formation that catches the attention of tourists because of its unique ship-like structure

  • Timubo Cave

    A cave with a small body of water inside, allowing tourists to swim and splash

Despite the meager land area of 236 square kilometers, the Camotes Islands is packed with attractions that you need to visit. So, what are you waiting for?

Best time to visit Camotes Islands

Camotes Islands 3 Days Weather Forecast

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Apr 13, 2024
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Apr 15, 2024
28 °C
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How to get to Camotes Islands?

Travel to Camotes Islands

Going from Metro Manila, or from other parts of the country to Camotes Islands requires a couple of transportation modes. Why? Because there are currently no direct flights coming to the islands. However, for those who live near Eastern Visayas, reaching this destination can be a little bit easier. Here are the various options for traveling to Camotes Islands.

Knowing that there are multiple ways to travel to this pristine destination, the best advice is to work within your budget. But, you also have to bear in mind that comfort is a key component of a wonderful vacation to Camotes.



If you are coming from Metro Manila or other provinces far from Cebu, you need to book a flight to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. The trip will only take between one to two hours. International flights going to Cebu are also allowed, although travel times will be significantly longer.


Land transportation is an important part of the journey to the Camotes Islands. For instance, after landing at the airport, you need to take a shuttle or a taxi to Mactan Wharf or Danao Port.


Mactan Cebu

Because the Camotes Islands are isolated from mainland Cebu, they can only be reached by water travel. No need to worry though, because there are several ferry companies you can choose from. One of the most popular is Jomalia Fastcraft, which goes on a roundtrip from Mactan to the Consuelo Port at Pacijan.

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