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So, they say, cascading waters attract a soul; it tends to dazzle first then freefall into a mass of noisy rattles before shattering into thousands of sprays of turquoise hue. Waterfalls are hidden forces of jewels, and one ever-so-famous on the island of the Philippines is the Kawasan Falls —a multi-layered oasis stashed away in the wilderness right at the foot of Mantalongon Mountain Range wrapped around in limestone Canyon walls and gorgeous scenery, in the thriving province of Cebu.

Undoubtedly, the gushing rapids of Kawasan have become one of Cebu’s main attractions. Jet-setters from around the globe and even locals flocked the water systems of the falls; its 40 meters-deep natural cascade and the uncrowded but refreshingly cool, 20 meters pool —a vacationer’s dream come true!

Kawasan Falls Tours and Activities

What separates Kawasan Falls from its other striking flowing peers, well, there are plenty of frolic wonders to choose from. There are the famous canyoneering trips and adrenaline-inducing zip lines, prodded to make an enjoyable quest, all worthy of that lengthy travel time.

  • Canyoneering

    There’s an uphill trek for about 30 minutes until you reach the starting peak of the waterfalls. Then you’d dip through the varying levels of the stream and rock croppings. Following the itinerary, there goes the water slides and jumps at erratic heights—for anyone up for a powerful water smash.

    Arguably the most action-packed water exploration, the famous canyoneering tours plunge into exciting pursuits, including jumping off cliffs, rapid slides, and jostling through boulders. It’s straggling across the jungle in full exhilarating swing right at fresh rushes of water.

    (The Kawasan Falls canyoneering packages cost Php 1,500 in groups of three, Php 1,800 for two people, and Php 2,500 for a single outing.)

  • Zip-Line

    Kawasan Falls zipline is by far the second-longest dual cable zip line throughout Asia. For Php 1,500, you’ll get to hang in a suspended harness in a seated position or in Superman-style, with an extra sweep of the enchanting showers below.

Best time to visit Kawasan Falls

The ideal time to journey the multi-layered waterfall depends on what sort of thrill-seeking globetrotter you are. The dry periods between December to early June, are the safest and most convenient for canyoneering tours and treks in the woods. It’s still the most crowded though and the busiest, so be prepared to cramp. However, if you want to witness the Kawasan fall for all its torrential glory, the rainy season is your best bet.

Kawasan Falls 3 Days Weather Forecast

Planning to visit Kawasan Falls in the next coming days? Checkout the weather in Kawasan Falls.

Jul 14, 2024
26.5 °C
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Jul 15, 2024
25.9 °C
Moderate rain
Moderate rain
Jul 16, 2024
24.7 °C
Heavy rain
Heavy rain
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How to get to Kawasan Falls?

Travel to Kawasan Falls Cebu

No worries, a trip to the spellbinding waters of Kawasan Falls is fairly accessible. In fact, if you love a hiking escapade to work on that stamina, it will only take 30 minutes from Badian National Highway to get there. However, if you’re traveling farther up from Manila, it will approximately take an entire day to land on the famous tourist spot. Hey, once you see the majestic flowing waters, it will all be worth it.


NAIA to Mactan Airport

From Ninoy Aquino Airport in Manila, you can book a flight going to Mactan Airport in Cebu, at your choice of aircraft of course. For a fairly budgeted trip, Cebu Pacific offers six flight schedules, starting from their earliest 3:35 am, while for backpackers with deep pockets, Philippines Airlines accommodates eight flight timetables, their earliest at 4:10 am —aviation period accounts for 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Once you land in Cebu, take a bus heading for the South Bus terminal. The ticket cost is satisfyingly affordable at Php 25 to Php 40 per person for a 40-minute journey. After you’ve arrived, hop on to another bus bound for Bato via Barilis; ticket price at Php 156 per head. Oh, don’t forget to inform the driver that you’re to touchdown at Matutinao Beach Resort in Badian. Travel time is estimated at 3 hours, depending on the speed limit and traffic jams of course.


Mactan Airport to Matutinao Beach Resort

The best way to get to Badian from Cebu airport without wasting time is by hiring a taxi. Be prepared though, the cost of traveling that 120 km distance will be costly compared to your public transit, estimated at Php 2000 to Php 2500 per passenger. For the alternative public van, depending on how many people are fetching for the transfer, the cost ranges from Php 120 to Php 1500 per commuter.


If your jumping start is from Bohol, then you can take the 2-hour little ferry jaunt from Tagbilaran City to the ‘’Queen City of the South’’. Following the same travel course itinerary, hitch a ride on the southbound bus, take a van or hire a private car to Badian, whichever your money purse deems economical.

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