You can never take the traveler out of someone. There will also be their craving to wander and explore everywhere possible. So if you’ve wanderlust on again, what’s stopping you? If it’s wanting to travel on a budget, then we’ve got you! Worry no more about how to save money as you fly or cruise around the world.

Don’t let anything stop you from getting to your getaway. Here are top 10 tips on how to travel on a budget: our best money-saving tips!

Travel on a budget tips:

  1. Pick your destination wisely.

    Pick your destination wisely.

    Other destinations are truly more pickier than others. It can also be difficult to go to because of several constraints including the weather, culture, and more. But mostly, that will hold you back is the pricey nature of going to a specific destination.

    As an example, you will usually encounter no problem finding seat sales and great bargains. This is usually in alluring, idyllic beach getaways like the Caribbean during hurricane days. Instead of going for this, choose getaway islands that are away from storms and are set at affordable prices. You can also opt for domestic getaways within the country or within the same continent, so the cost would not be as great.

  2. Book one-way airline tickets.

    Book one-way airline tickets.

    It’s not uncommon for people to think that a round trip ticket is more affordable compared to two one-way airline tickets. That does not always represent the truth, though! Sometimes, two one-way airline tickets can save you more.

    These are what are known as “travel hacks” which can help you save funds when going to some places. These hacker fares can be best applied in islands in the Caribbean such as St. Kitts & Nevis. You can also try it out on destinations such as Hawaii and even major cities such as New York.

  3. Plan ahead of time.

    Plan ahead of time.

    Instead of taking the leap of faith every time you plan your trip, get your planning on. Coming in prepared can save you time, money, and effort.

    Even if you want to be surprised by what your destination holds in store for you, planning in advance is highly beneficial. Always remember, prices are low when you grab them at the right time. Apart from getting the best ticket deals for the hottest destinations, you can also figure out your itinerary and if it’s feasible for you.

    You can book an airline ticket at a good price at least two to four weeks before your trip. But, if you want to be on the safer side, you should look at tickets three to four months before your big trip.

  4. Keep yourself updated on price alerts.

    Keep yourself updated on price alerts.

    If you can’t wait around for the perfect time to check for the best ticket deals or you’re in a rush, utilize price alerts! You can usually find these on travel websites and it updates you regarding price drops. Since airline prices change faster than the blink of an eye, having price alerts on to notify you about the best deals is a great steal!

  5. Be a flexible traveler.

    Be a flexible traveler.

    Flexibility is an extremely helpful trait for travelers. This is most especially valuable when dealing with your travel schedule and travel time. Make sure that you come at the right time for your departure and arrival.

    However, this tip also applies by advising travelers to at least try switching up to earlier, less convenient travel times such as first thing in the morning on a weekday. This is because prices during these times are usually helpful on savings! Exploring travel websites to find more destinations you can take interest in also helps to improve your flexibility.

  6. Check for affordable lodging.

    Check for affordable lodging.

    Travelers usually hyperfixate on how to get to their destination. This also includes looking into the transportation options at the actual destination, such as planes, trains, and cars. However, what most forget is pre-planning their lodging to ensure it fits in the budget.

    Hotels can be too expensive, so you can try exploring other accommodations like apartments, transient houses, motels, or bed-and-breakfasts! You can also check out discount deals on AirBnB for more options.

  7. Don’t spend too much on food.

    Don’t spend too much on food.

    Food is life, indeed. No trip is complete without savory food to make you forget your name. However, most travelers tend to overlook the bill and end up overwhelmed at the big expenses. Instead of dealing with ballooning restaurant bills, you can opt for lodging with free meals or a kitchen where you can freely cook.

    You can also pack your food or buy easy to prepare meals at convenience stores. Exploring street food is also an option, provided that you are sure of its sanitation. Diners are also a more affordable option compared to restaurants.

  8. Be aware of hidden fees.

    Be aware of hidden fees.

    If you have scored great discounts on airfare and lodgings, well, congratulations! Although, don’t forget to check for hidden charges! These are often snuck in luggage and carry-on charges.

    Being part of an airline’s loyalty program, if there is any, could also be helpful to lessen the charges of hidden fees. You can also opt to weigh your own luggage beforehand to check for accuracy with the charges stated. Lastly, be aware of parking and resort fees in your lodging, along with Wi-Fi, electricity, and food bills.

  9. Take it easy on destination cramming.

    Take it easy on destination cramming.

    We get it, you want to make the most out of your trip without breaking the bank. This might cause you to sandwich all your plans in one trip. Unfortunately for you, this is not exactly wise travel planning.

    Instead, you’ll feel as if your trip was done too hastily. In addition to that, you may also end up splurging more on transportation fees because of the amount of train rides, taxi rides, and more. You really wouldn’t want to spend most of your travel time inside transportation mediums, right?

  10. Save money the right way.

    Save money the right way.

    Be wise in the way you save money. You might be so eager to save funds for your trip that you tend to cause imbalance in your travel plans. What does this mean?

    Imagine this. You choose to pay for an extra early flight because it’s cheaper for you. But, this also means you have to stay in a hotel near the airport the night before to avoid being late. This causes a drop in your savings too!

    Another common mistake is forgetting to set aside enough pocket money for appropriate areas such as travelling in-destination. This can become a problem if you overspend on unexpected things. Other times, people forget to set aside for travel insurance. This could cost you more as you may end up paying more for international medical care.

The truth you need to hear as a traveler if you travel on a budget

There is no perfect price for your dream destination. You would always have to compromise if you travel on a budget. The best way to go is to make plans early and create the right budget that you must stay within.

If you already have the chance to book your trip at a good price, don’t miss out on the opportunity! Ensure that all your plans are in sync with one another. Happy travelling, wanderer!


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