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Sambawan Island is Biliran’s paradise island. Its clear blue waters and thriving marine life are only two of the things that will inspire someone to leave their busy lives and escape reality.

For most people, Sambawan Island is a mystery. It’s a tourist destination that is not talked about as much as Boracay and Puerto Princesa. However, in the past years, it is becoming one of the most visited attractions wherein the number of tourists is growing exponentially. The said island can be found 5 kilometers from Maripipi Municipality’s west coast. This is a semi-curved beach south of Samar with amazing rock formations and bright green grasses.

Activities in Sambawan Island

  • Trekking

    The primary reason why visitors keep coming back in Sambawan Island is its exquisite view of the island. To fully see the island’s formation, make sure to stretch your bones and go trekking at the hill. This will enable you to have a snapshot of the 360-degree view of Sambawan Island. There’s also a watchtower that you can use to upgrade your experience.

  • Kayaking

    Aside from the usual swimming experience, bring out your competitive side and have a shot at kayaking with your friends and families.

  • Camping

    Ready for the full Sambawan experience? Enjoy the forces of nature by setting up your own campsite and have an intimate moment with your family and friends. Tent pitching rate is only Php 100 per day so it won’t make a dent to your pocket that much. To top this off, don’t forget to stargaze in the open while cooking your hotdogs in the campfire. Just be wary of the chilly breeze and put your jacket as one of the items in your priority list!

    However, if you’re not ready to set up your own tent, there are also cottage rentals in the Sambawan Dive Camp and Marine Sanctuary. Their smallest cottage housing up until 8 people only cost per day. Their biggest cottage cost Php 2,500 per day for 15 pax.

  • Scuba Diving

    Sambawan Island houses a rich marine sanctuary. Given that it’s still an island that is not yet known to many, you’ll be at awe how these are preserved and well taken care off. Inquire at the nearest diving camp so they can guide you in your next scuba diving activity. They will also give you short lectures on what the marine life has to offer and how unique these living things are. Renting snorkels will only cost you Php 200 for 3 hours - definitely a deal for your adventurous self!

Best time to visit Sambawan Island

The best time to visit Sambawan Island is between the months of March to June. With minimal rainfall, you get to experience the majestic view and experience the island has to offer. Just make sure that you fix your itinerary until the last details so you get to maximize this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Sambawan Island 3 Days Weather Forecast

Planning to visit Sambawan Island in the next coming days? Checkout the weather in Sambawan Island.

Jul 14, 2024
26.8 °C
Moderate rain
Moderate rain
Jul 15, 2024
26.9 °C
Moderate rain
Moderate rain
Jul 16, 2024
26.2 °C
Moderate rain
Moderate rain
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How to get to Sambawan Island?

Travel to Sambawan Island

Just like any island, going to Sambawan Island requires multiple points. It does not have a direct plane ride that lands on the island itself, rather, it is a combined road and sea trip.


Going to Tacloban City

Tacloban City is the primary jumpoff point to the entire province of Biliran and Sambawan Island. Depending on where you are coming from, you may fly Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, or Philippine Airlines to Tacloban City. However, if you’re just within the surrounding areas of Tacloban, there are also vans that you can ride.


There are multiple stops that you have to experience once you have arrived in Tacloban. For just Php 120, you may catch a van going to Naval with 2 to 3 hours travel time.

Small Boat

Naval City to Maripipi Island to Sambawan Island

Once you have arrived in Naval, the next step is to transfer to a boat with Maripipi Island as the destination. Fare here will range around Php 60 to Php 80 for a 2-hour travel time.

Then, for Php 30, you may pay for a motorcycle ride doing to Barangay Ol-og. Then, you may charter a boat to arrive at your destination. For a roundtrip ride, it would most likely cost Php 500 per boat for six people.

If you’re in groups, there’s no need to have stops in Marapipi Island and Barangay Ol-og. All you have to do is hire a boat in Naval that will bring you directly to Sambawan Island. The rates for the boat rental is approximately Php 10,000 for a maximum of 15 people and Php 14,000 for a maximum of 60 people.

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