Too tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? What better way to remove the stress than a weekend getaway with nature as your buddy! Its serenity, natural beauty, and greenery are the best ways to refuel and re-energize both your mind and body. To jumpstart your planning process, here are the top 7 Nature Spots Near Metro Manila!

Top 7 Nature Spots Near Metro Manila

  • Nature Wellness, Tagaytay

    Facebook Page: Nurture Wellness Village

    Bonding with nature does not necessarily have to be outdoors, and Nature Wellness Tagaytay is the best place to support this. This world-renowned spa resort is one of the go-to destinations in the tranquil mountains of Tagaytay. What makes it stand out is the combined approach of history and modernization in its approach. Their hut accommodations are Ifugao-made and this is coupled with their indigenous therapeutic massages.

    They also give a complete experience through their Filipino fusion cuisine which is known to be delicious and healthy.

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  • Mount Purro Nature Resort, Antipolo

    Mount Purro Nature Resort, Antipolo

    Facebook Page: Mount Purro Nature Reserve

    One of the best nature destinations near Manila is Mount Purro Nature Resort in Antipolo, Rizal. It can be found on the foot of the ever-famous Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Don’t expect VIP treatment once you’ve stepped foot in Mount Purro since they only offer bahay kubo-inspired accommodation which is definitely comfortable, relaxing, and spacious.

    This place is also a great post to bond with nature. They offer outdoor activities like river walking, forest hiking, and even tree planting.

  • Domescape, Batangas

    Domescape, Batangas

    Facebook Page: Domescape

    Glamping is undeniably a growing trend if you want to relax and spend time with family and friends. Domescape maximized this experience through its upgraded dome glamping experience in an eco-tourism site in Nasugbu, Batangas.

    Instead of being surrounded by trees and flowers in the forest, Domescape has taken it to another level. The setup is placed in the heart of the scenic mountains, accompanied by a tranquil view of the open sea. The tents are made out of silicon, thus no need to worry about the rain and winds. Two of its main attractions inside are the private outdoor pool per dome and the garden playground that kids can use.

  • Paradis Island, Cavinti Laguna

    Paradis Island, Cavinti Laguna

    Facebook Page: Paradis Island PH

    Your love for the outdoors and nature can also go hand-in-hand and the perfect partner for this kind of recreation is Paradis Island located in an eco-friendly property in Cavinti, Laguna. This is definitely a perfect escape to recharge yourself with various outdoor activities. Some of these include rafting, fishing, and kayaking. If you prefer a setup that will boost your mindfulness, you may prefer to chill in the hanging beds, hammocks, and floating cabanas that fit intense relaxation.

    Paradis Island is just a small area so there are only two villas up for rent. But if your group prefers to have a more private experience in this serene place, you may also opt to rent the whole island to yourselves.

  • Treasure Mountain, Tanay Rizal

    Treasure Mountain, Tanay Rizal

    Facebook Page: Treasure Mountain

    If you’re looking for the closest nature spots near Manila, Rizal should never disappear from your list. In Treasure Mountain in Tanay Rizal, you get to experience a nature-tripping experience. Even though you’re not a mountain climber, rest assured that this 800 feet above sea level spot will give you a sense of peace and calmness, especially with the sea of clouds and cool breeze that you will witness.

    Unlike other mountains where trekking is only allowed in the daytime, it’s different around here. You may be one with nature even at night due to the illuminated benches and tents set up at the top. Nothing can beat the feeling of tranquility while sitting in the tent staring at the blanket of stars while drinking hot choco at night.

  • Aranya Resort, Bulacan

    Aranya Resort, Bulacan

    Facebook Page: Aranya Resorts DRT

    Aranya Resort is just a stone’s throw away from Metro Manila. They take pride in their picturesque villas that are surrounded by greens. Each is built with a private terrace that is the perfect spot overlooking the first. To fully adhere to its nature theme, Aranya Resort also made sure to stick to the colors of nature. Its light brown, white, and green colors complement well with the strong pillars and wooden furniture, thus resonating an elegant, airy, and rustic feel.

  • The Farm at San Benito, Lipa Batangas

    The Farm at San Benito, Lipa Batangas


    If you have saved up enough money for a weekend getaway, make the most out of it by spending it at the Farm at San Benito. This fifty-hectare nature spot near Manila is located in Mount Makiling, Lipa City, Batangas. Their mantra is to provide their guests with a complete experience anchored on the mindset of a tranquil escape from the stress of the city.

    The Farm at San Benito takes pride in its holistic view of its visitor’s well-being. That’s why, their treatments revolve around the concept of meditation, yoga, and lifestyle coaching based on the agreement with the client. The resort is most popular for its massages by candlelight, private lotus pond, and a world-class restaurant. This is even supported by other unique activities like indoor and outdoor plunge pools, Balinese-style spas, local farm tours, and culinary workshops.

Nature Spots Near Metro Manila Runners-Up

There are various nature destinations near Manila and the seven listed above are just seven of the best. However, if you’ve already swept the list and want to face more nature adventures, here are a couple of nature spots runners-up that you can visit as well.

  • Mountain Lake Resort, Cavinti

    The Mountain Lake Resort is also one of the prides of Cavinti, Laguna. It exudes a charm that will definitely captivate the hearts of nature lovers. It also offers physical activities like watersports, dipping in mineral-infused waters, and exercising in fitness centers.

  • The Park, Silang

    Looking for a peaceful experience while still being Instagrammable? The Park located in Silang, Cavite is every traveler’s dream. Their rooms are surrounded by nature and it also offers private pools and hot tubs per room for a more relaxing stay.

  • Vivere Azure, Anilao

    If you’re open to splurging on your next nature getaway, Vivere Azure in Anilao, Batangas should be your next go-to nature spot near Manila. It houses a five-star beach experience while still latched onto a nature experience. It’s as if you’re living in a huge treehouse.

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