Traveling to Palawan is easier to plan if you already know where famous destinations to go, which activities to do, and which food to eat to enjoy your time in the Philippines’ Last Ecological Frontier. Explore the islands of El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa, and get your best vacation this 2021!


Best of El Nido


  1. Enjoy Small Lagoon

    Small Lagoon El Nido

    Small Lagoon has a narrower entrance than its nearby sibling, the Big Lagoon, where you can easily access its opening. You will have to plunge into the waters or ride a kayak to get inside via the gap on a limestone wall. Once you get in, enjoy the crystal waters through swimming or kayaking surrounding Small Lagoon and have a peaceful time.

  2. Zipline at Nacpan Beach

    Zipline at Napan Beach

    Suppose you are a thrill-seeker or an adrenaline lover; the zip line is the best transportation for you! Only at Nacpan beach, you can fly from one island to another via a 750-meter long zip line. Experience this cool and amazing activity for 500 – 1100 PHP (16 USD). A must-do magical flight around sunset!

  3. Hike Taraw Cliff

    Taraw cliff in El nido

    Aside from crystalline waters, El Nido also boasts a unique hiking experience. Bond with nature and enjoy the view as you climb up to the highest point of El Nido at Taraw Cliff. Keep in mind that on this tough 2-hour hike, it is best to hire a guide and wear trekking shoes before you climb up, for there are sharp rocks in the area.

  4. Try Pacquiao Punch

    Pacquiao punch drink leader board in El nido

    A popular drink among locals and guests, experience Pinoy spirit with this mix! Taste a glass of El Nido’s Pacquiao Punch, which is a unique blend of coconut rum, blue curaçao, tasty vodka, and grenadine, complemented by Red Bull! Plus, if you finish one, get competitive and rise the Mad Monkey’s leaderboards. Order yours at Nacpan Beach, Sitio Calitang, Brgy. Bucana, El Nido, Palawan.

  5. Experience Vindaloo

    Vindaloo Indian food in El Nido

    Warning: this is not for the faint-hearted! A smoking hot goodness, the Vindaloo will surely spice up your El Nido experience. Compliment it with Gandhi’s Revenge’s homemade paneer cheese. But, if you want vegan options, they also have naan bread instead of rice. Challenge yourself and try one at Sitio Lugadia, Brgy. Corong-corong, El Nido, Palawan.


Best of Coron


  1. Marvel at Barracuda Lake

    Barracuda Lake

    One of the cleanest lakes in the country, a famous attraction you must visit in Coron is Barracuda Lake. Named after the barracuda skeletons found in its depths by the divers, marvel at its rock formations among its turquoise waters, destress and relieve the summer heat by swimming in its waters.

  2. Soak at Maquinit Springs

    Maquinit spring in Coron

    If you can’t have enough of Coron’s natural waters, try Maquinit Springs! One of the few saltwater hot springs worldwide, you will find two pools built around a mangrove forest, with a small beach nearby.

    Its warm therapeutic waters spring from an underground volcano, which you can enjoy after a good climb up Mt. Tapyas. You can find Maquinit Springs roughly 30 minutes outside Coron Town, but you can easily find a tricycle for hire. The entrance fee is around 200 PHP (4 USD) for the first hour.

  3. Snorkel or dive at Siete Pecados

    Corals at Siete Pecados Coron

    The best snorkeling and diving site in Coron, it has seven small islands rich with corals bustling with vibrant marine life. Siete Pecados is also the closest diving side near Busuanga, and boats can easily take you directly to the islets in minutes. Start your morning early by visiting the colorful reefs housing tropical angelfish, sea turtles, squids, even octopi, and baby sharks!

  4. Have Danggit Lamayo for Breakfast

    Dried fish danggit breakfast Coron

    Visiting Coron is not complete without making sure to try the popular dish danggit lamayo, known locally as samaral, taragbago, kitang, or tabago, danggit. From the word lamayo, these rabbitfishes are sun-dried and marinated using vinegar, garlic, and other herbs and spices. Eat it for breakfast in your hotel or guesthouse before setting out for fun activities!

  5. Drink Tagbuana Coffee

    Tagbanua Coffee

    Tagbuana coffee is made by a native tribe in Coron Island using traditional methods. After touring around famous destinations, don’t forget to grab a snack! Usually served with cashew milk, it is one of the cult favorites in the area.


Best of Puerto Princesa


  1. Visit the Underground River

    Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

    One of Puerto Princesa’s pride is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, more famously known as the Underground River. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, visit caves and rock formations found in protected areas and see for your eyes why it is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Guests have audio devices which translate and explain the Underground River’s history and the various rock formations in different languages throughout the boat ride.

  2. Go island-hopping at Honda Bay.

    Honda Bay Island Hoppping tour

    Puerto Princesa’s favorite fun activities include going on island-hopping tours at Honda Bay, which is on the city’s mid-eastern coast. Visit the most popular islands such as Starfish Island, Luli Island, and Cowrie Island.

  3. Ride Inflatables at Kamia Bay Resort

    Inflatables at Kamia Bay Resort

    Kamia Bay Resort is a new attraction and home to Asia’s biggest inflatable playground. Enjoy the aqua-adventure inflatable playground with different courses, which boasts a 40-feet high inflatable slide, a human launcher, giant trampolines, and many more. Also, try kayaking and jet ski, eco-tours.

  4. Taste exotic Crocodile Sisig

    Crocodile Sisig in Puerto Princessa

    Puerto Princesa’s variation of the favorite Filipino sizzling dish, crocodile meat, is used instead of pork or chicken. It is mild-flavored and firm in texture with a high protein and low-fat composition.

  5. Discover Tamilok

    Tamilok food

    Another exotic food you can try is Tamilok. Also known as woodworm, it has a very long, soft, and floppy body that is a mollusk found and harvested from mangrove trees.

Some destinations in the Philippines are known for its authentic food. Read here.

Have the best vacation with these top destinations in Palawan! Bond with nature and relieve stress by trying all the attractions, activities, and food. Whether you choose to visit El Nido, Coron, Puerto Princesa, or all three, you will surely have a great time.

Remember to use this information as your guide while planning your itinerary to lessen time and effort. Book ahead of time and read through reviews as well! Palawan is waiting for you, are you ready?


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