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San Vicente Palawan is the official municipality or the first-class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines and is under the north-western side of the main island of Palawan.. The place itself is known as the “last biodiversity frontier”. Half of its biodiversity is conserved by its natural resources: the original forest cover and other greeneries from the forest.

Port Barton is the best location for a getaway. Its alluring white sand and its clear seawater are the leading attraction in the city. Port Barton has freshwater to offer in their place and there are lots of beautiful spots in this place that could give you peace to relax!

Activities in Port Barton

  1. Island Hopping in Port Barton Islands

    Island Hopping is perfect for adventurous tourists because you get to explore islands like the Inoladoan Island and Marodan Island. There are also some huge islands in the area such as Cagnipa Island and Albguan Island. The captivating beauty of these spots will surely make you crave for more.

  2. Snorkeling

    If you want to see the inner beauty of the island, snorkeling is your go-to activity. You get to see coral reefs and exotic animals in your exciting dive and there’s a chance that you’ll view the most unique offering of the sea.

  3. Trekking

    Believe it or not, trekking is a must when you travel in this place. Make use of your legs and trek for an hour or two to reach the mesmerizing waterfalls of the island. Its trail might be quite challenging but it’s definitely worth it once you see the view! You may even plunge to the clear freshwater to wash off your tiredness.

Famous tourist spots in Port Barton

Port Barton is an excellent place to travel with. The alluring view of the sunset from the white sand is one of their best assets. But it does not stop there! There are various amazing spots on the island that are a feast to the eyes! Here are some of the places that you can pass by that will surely captivate you:

  1. Pamuayan Waterfalls

    It is a shock that on an island with beautiful seawater there is still fresh water that we can swim by. This gives the travelers the option of whether to dive in the sea or the waterfalls. This is definitely a place of adventure!
    Port Barton Marine Park

    As we travel to the island, they also have a marine park that is being managed by the San Vicente, Palawan Tourism. The Port Barton Marine Park was established in 1998 and they are tasked to keep the exotic marine animals from harm. No need to worry because this attraction is open to the public.

  2. The Overlook Port Barton

    Are you the traveler who wants to take quality photos for memories? Here is the answer! The Overlook Port Barton is a great spot if you want to see the whole view of the area. You’ll be mesmerized with the sunrise, sunset, or even just the waves of the sea.

  3. Aquarium Reef

    Are you a fan of seeing the spot under the water? Port Barton is not just beautiful above the land but they have sceneries to offer underwater. The Aquarium Reef is home to conserving reefs that can be seen along with its colorful marine life.

  4. Starfish island

    Are you fond of starfishes or eating plates of seafood when you island-hop? Here is the spot just for you! Starfish Island is a small island inside Port Barton that houses different types of starfishes. It is also a spot to stop by to eat fresh and unique seafood.

Best time to visit Port Barton

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Jun 15, 2024
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Jun 16, 2024
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Jun 17, 2024
27.6 °C
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How to get to Port Barton?



There are many airlines to choose from when traveling from Manila to San Vicente Palawan. Some of them have their cheap deals for customers on specific dates. There are also some options if you want to stop by some places like Puerto Princesa before going to San Vicente Palawan. These fares range from PHP1,100 to PHP1,400. However, if you are booking a direct flight from Manila to San Vicente Palawan it will most likely cost from PHP900 to PHP1,400.


When you go to Puerto Princesa, there are shuttle vans that can help you travel and go to San Vicente Palawan. If you want a safer option, you can rent a private van to keep yourself from negative health measures and it is also hassle-free transportation. The van fare mostly ranges from PHP400 to PHP1200, depending if you will get a private van to rent or a shuttle van to travel with.

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