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When you hear about Palawan, the very first places that would probably slip your mind are Coron, Puerto Princesa, or El Nido. However, if you still want to lounge on pristine beaches, you don’t have to squeeze yourself into these overcrowded areas. There is a place in the south of Palawan that is not yet known to both local and international visitors, and this is the Balabac Islands.

Balabac is composed of 31 islands that are yet to be inhabited. It is known for its rich marine life, pink sand beaches, endemic mouse-deer (yes, these exist!), and colored corals. This is yet to be discovered by travelers and why not enjoy this paradise all by yourself while you still can?

Destinations to visit in Balabac Island

  • Patongong Island

    Patongog Island, sometimes referred to as Patunggong Island, is a majestic island that is entirely surrounded by white sand. It is famous for its crystal-clear turquoise waters alongside rich marine life.

    This beach is not your usual resort with rooms and swimming pools as part of its feature. However, it still gives the visitors a place where they can relax through the small cottages spread out in the island. There are some groups, however, who prefer spending time with nature. Instead of maximizing the cottages, they prefer spending time with their families and friends the natural way - under the shade of the large coconut trees.

    The primary reason why Patongong is probably the most famous island in Balabac Islands is because it is the closest island to Buliluyan Port.

  • Onuk Island

    If you’re looking for the best island in the area, most people would probably point you to Onuk Island. This is a privately owned island that has welcomed outsiders starting 2017.

    If you actually take a photo of Onuk Island, it seems as if you’re staring at a postcard. Its distinct feature is its light-blue cottage that is set over the picturesque beach. If you visit this island on a high tide, spearhead your experience by walking down the rocky stairs that will directly lead you to the cold waters of the sea. If you’re lucky, you might also encounter sea turtles swimming around the high tides. Don’t expect much interaction though as these animals are a little bit elusive and might just stray away from you when you approach.

    However, if you’re not fond of swimming, you’ll still enjoy the area during the low tide primarily due to its sandy white beach. You may also set up your own relaxing hammock in the open cottages just to relax. Don’t forget to sightsee the light-blue bioluminescent plankton that appears at night.

  • Camiaran Island

    Have you ever heard of Palawan’s Pink Beach? If yes, then you’re in the lucks with Camiaran Island. This site is almost the same with that of the Subic Beach where the sand shifts to a pink color when wet. This is because of the crushed red corals that is mixed with the sand.

    In the past, Camiaran Island is also home to some residents of Balabac. However, because it is registered as one of the farthest islands from the mainland, this area has now served as a regular stop for fishermen. Some tours also skip it because of its location but given the rare pink sand feature, you might want to include it in your itinerary.

Best time to visit Balabac Island

Island hopping should be the heart of your visit to the Balabac Islands. With this in mind, make sure to schedule your trip anytime between March to May when the waters are calm. Despite the Summer time, don’t forget to check the weather as well before you proceed with your trip to ensure that the rain won’t greet you on your holidays.

Balabac Island 3 Days Weather Forecast

Planning to visit Balabac Island in the next coming days? Checkout the weather in Balabac Island.

Apr 13, 2024
28.3 °C
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Patchy rain nearby
Apr 14, 2024
28.5 °C
Apr 15, 2024
28.4 °C
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How to get to Balabac Island?

Travel to Balabac Island

You might be overwhelmed by the effort needed when going to Balabac Islands. However, rest assured that all of these are worth it.


Manila NAIA Airport to Puerto Princesa

The initial touchdown will happen at Puerto Princesa International Airport. There are various flights per day from key cities that you can book. This step though is just a jumpstart on the long trip that you will be undergoing to reach the said island. Once you have set foot at the said airport, it will take you one whole day to travel to Balabac Islands, provided that you go non-stop.


From Puerto Princesa, you may take the bus to Rio Tuba in Bataraza. This trip will take approximately 4 to 5 hours.


Rio Tuba to Balabac Island

Once you have reached Rio Tuba, you have to go on a ferry ride to the poblacion of the Balabac Islands. This is another 4 hours in the book. Make sure that you arrive at the port before 10:30 am for there is only one passenger trip allowed per day. When the boat is full, it will leave between 10:30 am to 12:300 pm.

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