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Nagtabon Beach

About Nagtabon Beach

When you visit Puerto Princesa City, it’s not a surprise to find the Underground River or Honday Bay Island as part of your itinerary. You may even throw the Crocodile Farm in there if you have the time. However, if you feel a little bit rebellious and want to stay away from the usuals, Nagtabon Beach is the way to go.

Nagtabon Beach is a hidden gem, located in the northwestern part of Puerto Princesa City. It’s not yet commercialized compared with the other beaches in the area but it’s still a perfect treat for those who want to feel tranquility. Given its destination status, life in Nagtabon Beach is simple and quiet. Do not go here if you expect to have a tour guide or if you prefer moving and exploring.

What to do in Nagtabon Beach Palawan?

  • Watch the Sunset

    Nagtabon Beach is as serene as it gets and as the cherry on top, there’s no better place to get a view of the sinking sun in the sea than this beach. It’s absolutely incredible, especially with the Instagrammable colors of pink and orange of the sun. Add to this the amazing sun’s reflection on the water than gives off a more breathtaking view.

  • Play Sports

    Since it’s not the main attraction in Palawan, the area is not as crowded as the other beaches in the area. This means that you can play different sports, no matter how big you require your playing field to be. You may opt to play ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and more. What’s good about the area as well is that it has pre-placed nets that you can use if you decide to do a little competition with family and friends.

    Keep in mind, however, that the place does not have sports equipment rental around it. This means that you have to bring your own disc or balls if you plan to throw a tournament in the mix.

  • Stay at Kalikasan Camp

    What’s a great complement to your beach trip? Of course, it’s camping. But if you want to make your experience more unforgettable and unique, make sure to include glamping by the beach at the top of your list. Kalikasan Camp is one of the nearest areas from Nagtabon Beach where you can do it. It’s only a 10 to 15-minute travel time so you won’t have to worry about your precious time getting wasted.

    The tents here are comfortable and cozy and for convenience, they also set up a fan and electric outlet that you can use. The host also made sure to give a complete stay package with his amazing cooking skills. He’s an incredible cook who gives the option to prepare your meals, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lastly, the main attraction in the area is its stunning view of both the mountains and fields. Its beauty is even more emphasized at night, coupled with the amazing view of the stars.

  • Island Hop to Talaudyong Beach

    Once you’ve taken in the serenity and tranquility of Nagtabon Beach, the best next thing to do is to island-hop to Talaudyong Beach. It’s just a 15-minute travel from Nagtabon Beach.

    Talaudyong Beach is another hidden gem in the city. The difference between these two is that Talaudyong Beach is bigger and has much fewer people (just a few locals). It’s more laidback as well.

Best time to visit Nagtabon Beach

To be able to maximize your outdoor trip, the best time to visit Nagtabon Beach is during the summertime, specifically from March to May. Although it’s the peak of the vacation season, you won’t expect a lot of tourists on this destination site.

Nagtabon Beach 3 Days Weather Forecast

Planning to visit Nagtabon Beach in the next coming days? Checkout the weather in Nagtabon Beach.

Feb 25, 2024
26.7 °C
Feb 26, 2024
26.5 °C
Patchy rain nearby
Patchy rain nearby
Feb 27, 2024
26.3 °C
Patchy rain nearby
Patchy rain nearby
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How to get to Nagtabon Beach?

Travel to Nagtabon Beach Palawan

Just like your usual Palawan trips, travel by air to Puerto Princesa Internation Airport. This is the primary gateway wherever your initial entry point is - whether you’re from Manila, Cebu, or Clark. Once you’ve arrived at the airport, you may opt to hire a car, motorbike, or van to ease your travel.

But if you prefer to take public transportation, the first thing that you should do is ride a tricycle going to San Jose Terminal. Then, ride a bus going to either El Nido, Roxas, or Sabang. Go down at Bacungan and charter a tricycle so it can take you to Nagtabon Beach. Make sure to ask about the tricycle fare beforehand and negotiate the price as necessary. You have to rent the tricycle for your whole trip though since it’s difficult to find transportation back to Puerto Princesa from Nagtabon Beach.

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