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About Baguio

Settled within the pine-clad hills of the Cordillera Central mountain range at 1,400 meters elevation, Baguio is a city found in the Benguet province. The abundance of pines in the city has resulted in the nickname “City of Pines.” Additionally, thanks to its relatively cooler climate, it is dubbed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Baguio is a favorite vacation spot among locals and foreigners. The popular tourist destination became a fan favorite because of its weather, rich culture, and history. It is indeed the place to be for people looking to enjoy the summer without feeling the heat from the sun. The mountain city offers breathtaking sceneries and numerous attractions for people looking for an out-of-town adventure! Needless to say, it is the perfect summer destination.

Places to visit in Baguio

Despite its nickname, Baguio is a great place to relax even after the summer. It offers the perfect blend of nature, culture, art, history, and urbanization. These are some of the places you must visit if you plan to go on a trip to Baguio:

  1. Camp John Hay

    This former R&R facility turned into a private resort is one of the most famous vacation spots in the city. There are so many things for you to do here, such as golfing, horseback riding, camping, rappelling, and sky walking. Plus, the resort offers picturesque views and numerous picnic spots!

  2. La Trinidad Strawberry Fields

    The La Trinidad Strawberry Fields is a fun bonding spot for you and your family or friends! Many people visit the strawberry fields to get firsthand experience of harvesting strawberries. The best time to visit this place is around September to December if you wanna pick some strawberries.

  3. Tam-Awan Village

    Tam-Awan Village is filled with Ifugao Huts and Kalinga houses that perfectly showcase a traditional Cordillera Village. There are numerous art galleries and workshops around the area, and there are cultural shows for you to enjoy!

  4. Baguio Tree Top Adventure

    This one is ideal for thrill-seekers! Get an adrenaline rush when you go to the Baguio Tree Top Adventure. Their known activities are the Canopy Ride, Superman Ride, Tree Drop Adventure, and Silver Surfer.

  5. Baguio Botanical Garden

    Are you a nature lover? Then the Baguio Botanical Garden is a must-see for you! You can observe different species of flora and fauna and get to see the Igorot Village. On top of that, they allow pets!

Best time to visit Baguio

Baguio 3 Days Weather Forecast

Planning to visit Baguio in the next coming days? Checkout the weather in Baguio.

Jul 14, 2024
21.7 °C
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Heavy rain
Jul 15, 2024
20.2 °C
Moderate rain
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Jul 16, 2024
20.4 °C
Moderate rain
Moderate rain
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How to get to Baguio?

Travel to Baguio

Wondering how you can travel to the hilly paradise that is Baguio City? The city is accessible by road, but you will have to take the plane or go to Manila first if you are coming from outside Luzon. For commuters coming in from Manila, travel time can go from 4 hours to 8 hours, depending on the stops and traffic.



When you’re in Manila, there are many bus options available out there for you to choose from. Traveling by bus is also the most common way to get to Baguio. There are many bus terminals distributed within Manila with varying travel fees and accommodations. There are bus stations in Cubao, Pasay, Caloocan, Dagupan, Earnshaw, Olongapo, Avenido, and San Fernando Pampanga.

Bus schedules will vary per bus line. These schedules range from as early as 12:00 AM to as late as 1:00 PM. Fares will also vary according to how luxurious your bus is. Some buses have a built-in restroom which is ideal because of the long travel time. One-way fares range from Php 126 to Php 800. You can book bus tickets online.

The buses commonly drop you at the Baguio Bus Terminal, which is 1.5kms from Burnham Park, where you can already find accommodation. You can either walk there or book a cab if you want to be farther from the city center.


If you want a more private ride, you can drive to Baguio or rent a van. Traveling this way cuts travel time by one hour. You can use navigation apps such as Waze or Google Maps to help you. Baguio is about 250km away from Manila, and travel time can be as short as 4 hours when there’s no traffic. It is recommended to leave early in the morning (or at night) to avoid it.

When going by car, go to NLEX (North Luzon Express Way) and enter Exit 85 to get to SCTEX. Then go to MacArthur Highway to arrive in Rosario, La Union. Then, you can take either the Kennon Road or the Marcos Highway to get to Baguio. However, Marcos Highway can get busy during the peak season, so you might consider taking an alternative route.

If you decide to rent a van instead, you don’t have to worry about the drive because van rentals usually come with experienced drivers. Rates vary from Php 3,500 to Php 10,000 or more, depending on the package you avail. Longer stays have cheaper rates!


Clark International Airport

It is possible to get to Baguio by plane because they have an airport. However, the Loakan Airport only accepts private aircraft, and the only commercial operator that goes to Baguio is Platinum Skies. You can also arrive there from the Clark International Airport.

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