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Masasa Beach

About Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach is located at Tingloy, the only island municipality in Batangas, a hidden beach in the province of Batangas. Most people don’t know that this pristine beach exists because it’s not on mainland Luzon. But once you go here, you’ll appreciate nature’s beauty because of little to no man-made structure. Be sure to visit this place while it’s unspoiled!

Activities in Masasa Beach

Who says you can’t bond with mother nature? Since you’re already at the beach, here are some things you can do:

  • Beach Bum and Swim

    While Masasa Beach does not have white sands like Boracay, the crystal clear water will offset it! The waters in Masasa Beach are so irresistible, and as you go further, they get colder and you may even see the white seabed!

  • Go Snorkeling

    What’s the point of going to any Batangas beach if you did not snorkel? Batangas is known for its rich marine biodiversity. Tingloy, in particular, is within the vicinity of the Verde Passage. Discover the beauty of life underwater. You might even be surprised that you’ll see shipwrecks - snorkel now and see history unfold before your eyes.

  • Island Hopping

    Boatmen in Masasa Beach take some passengers on an island hopping. They stop at nearby beaches like Mang Oscar's beach, Sepoc Point, Tawil Point, and even Sombrero Island. You can avail of this for Php 300 per person. There are also other islands you can visit, such as Caban Island and Maricaban Island for a different rate.

  • Trekking

    If you want to experience other activities aside from swimming, why not go trekking to Mag-Asawang Bato? Mag-asawang Bato is a rock formation that stands on a nearby hill. If you’re up for the challenge, it takes two hours to complete the trek.

Places to visit in Masasa Beach

Despite the minimal man-made structure, you can do a lot of activities by visiting these famous places in Masasa Beach! Here are other places you can go to aside from Masasa Beach

  • Mt. Mag-Asawang Bato

    This is the mountain that is usually seen as the backdrop of Masasa Beach. This is the perfect place to go when you want to catch the sunset and sunrise at the summit.

  • Sombrero Island

    When you go island hopping, this is one of the eye-catching islands. Its breathtaking view and clear waters will surely make you want to stop and take photos of it or even swim in its clear waters!

  • Mang Oscar’s Beach

    This beach is nearby Masasa Beach, and most tourists are astounded at how peaceful and serene Mang Oscar’s Beach is. It’s similar to Masasa Beach because of its off-white sand and calm waters. You can take a dip and enjoy the sunset.

Best time to visit Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach 3 Days Weather Forecast

Planning to visit Masasa Beach in the next coming days? Checkout the weather in Masasa Beach.

May 22, 2024
28.9 °C
Patchy rain nearby
Patchy rain nearby
May 23, 2024
29 °C
Patchy rain nearby
Patchy rain nearby
May 24, 2024
28.8 °C
Patchy rain nearby
Patchy rain nearby
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How to get to Masasa Beach?


LRT-Buendia and Taft, and Cubao and Kamias in Quezon City

The only way you could travel to Masasa Beach is by bus, then riding a boat.
The first thing you need to do is to ride a bus to Batangas City Grand Terminal. Buses are going to this terminal at LRT-Buendia and Taft, and Cubao and Kamias in Quezon City. Choose the bus with the sign “CALABARZON,” so that the trip would be much faster and easier. }

If you want to escape traffic, it’s best to leave early. The travel time is usually around two to three hours, depending on where you come from.


Once you arrive at Batangas Grand Terminal, ride a jeep going to Anilao or Talaga Port in Mabini. Anilao port is used during the amihan season, and Talaga port is used during the habagat season. Travel time to these ports takes about an hour.

From these ports, ride a boat to Masasa Beach. You can either ride on a public or private boat.

Small Boat

Tingloy Port

There are two options when riding a public boat to Masasa Beach. First, you can catch the boat to Tingloy Port. At the port, ride a tricycle to your homestay or on the trail to Masasa Beach. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Masasa Beach, and the fare is only Php80.

The second option is to go straight to Masasa Beach. However, fewer boats are going there, and rides are mostly unpredictable. The fare costs Php 100.

Small Boat

Renting a private boat is ideal if you are going as a big group, or if you want to control your time. The downside of renting a private boat is that you couldn’t get any boatman to take you on a tour. But if you hire one, then you’re up for a trip! The rate is at Php 4,500. These boats can accommodate up to a max of 10 passengers.

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