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Chocolate Hills

About Chocolate Hills

Known for its uniquely shaped group of hills, Chocolate Hills offers an extraordinary landscape on the island of Bohol. Because of this, it has earned a spot as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Chocolate Hills have estimated thousands of hills spread across the towns of Carmen, Sagbayan, and Batuan. It covers roughly an area of 50 square kilometers, with each hill varying in size—from 100 up to 395 feet tall.

Aside from its Hershey’s Kisses-like symmetry, the name “Chocolate Hills” roots from its changing color depending on the season. During the rainy season, the hills offer a majestic green color from their grass. But during the dry season, they uniformly turn into a brown color mimicking that of chocolate.

Activities in Chocolate Hills

To get the most out of the beauty of the chocolate hills, here are some activities you can do in the area:

  • Sightseeing

    Need we say more? There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing the natural beauty and mold of the Chocolate Hills and the nature around it.

  • Extreme adventures

    If you’re looking for some thrill, you can visit the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP). Here, you can enjoy the Bike Zip for biking midair and The Wave Runner for surf ziplining.

  • Chocolate Hills ATV Rental

    Hit the trails with the Chocolate Hills ATV Rental. You can enjoy both basking in the beauty of Chocolate Hills surroundings and getting your blood pumping. You can opt to rent an ATV or have a guided tour.

Famous Places around Chocolate Hills

There are many recommended spots around Bohol where you can get a perfect view of the Chocolate Hills. Aside from these, the Chocolate Hills is also surrounded by many famous places that offer endless adventure. Here are some popular and must-visit spots around Chocolate Hills:

  1. Chocolate Hills Complex Viewpoint in Carmen

    The Chocolate Hills Complex Viewpoint in Carmen is one of the two most famous spots for viewing the Chocolate Hills. It is along the Barangay of Buenos Aires in Carmen. 55km away from Tagbilaran City, it is the top destination for getting a fantastic view of the Chocolate Hills.

    The complex itself is erected from two chocolate hills. You will have to climb over 200 steps to reach the 360-degree overlooking deck of the endless and massive landscape. Aside from being an observation area, the complex also has a resort complete with swimming pools, an activity area, restaurants, and a conference room.

  2. Sagbayan Peak Viewpoint

    The second must-visit spot for viewing the Chocolate Hills is at Sagbayan Peak. It is both a recreational center and mountain resort that sits on a 5-hectare land in Sagbayan town. Aside from a magnificent view of the Chocolate Hills, Sagbayan Peak also offers a view of the sea separating Bohol and Cebu.

    There are many facilities you can enjoy here, including a butterfly dome, covered dining pavilion, open-sided chapel, etc. Kids will also enjoy the cartoon character statues and figures spread across the area.

  3. Bilar Man-Made Forest

    If you’re a nature lover, you will be in awe of the captivating Bilar Man-Made Forest. It runs around 2 kilometers long on the border of Loboc and Bilar. Tall and beautiful white and red mahogany trees compose the man-made forest, making it a hit photo-op area for tourists.

  4. Tarsier Sanctuary

    Your Chocolate Hill tour won’t be complete without stopping by at the Tarsier conservatories. These are the Corella Tarsier Sanctuary and Loboc’s Tarsier Conservation Area. Here, you will be able to witness the smallest primate in the world and know more about their species.

Best time to visit Chocolate Hills

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How to get to Chocolate Hills?

Travel to Chocolate Hills

If you want to see the glorious Chocolate Hills with your own two eyes, you’ll have to travel all the way to Visayas. Here’s how to get there from Luzon and Mindanao:


Manila Airport

Traveling by plane is the most convenient way to go to Chocolate Hills. Whether you’re from Luzon or Mindanao, you can book a flight straight to Bohol-Panglao Airport. From Luzon, you can fly from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) or Clark International Airport in Pampanga. From Mindanao, you can fly from Davao International Airport.


From Bohol-Panglao Airport, ride a bus or van in Dao Integrated Bus Terminal and make your way to Carmen or Sagbayan. If you’re renting a private van, you can directly reach the viewpoints with ease. Otherwise, you can ride a habal-habal to take you to your destination.



An alternative to plane travel is to travel by sea. You can easily book ferry trips to take you to Tagbilaran City Seaport from Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin, Dumaguete, and Siquijor. Once in Tagbilaran City Seaport, you can ride a tricycle to go to Dao Integrated Bus Terminal. There, you can ride a bus or van to reach the viewpoints in Carment or Sagbayan.

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