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About Siquijor

Once feared for black magic and witchcraft, Siquijor has become one of the country’s most famous off-the-beaten-path destinations. It is a tiny island in the Southernmost of Visayas.

Spanish colonizers named it “Isla de Fuegos” because the island gave off an eerie glow during the night. The fireflies around the island caused this fiery light.

Today, the island is a favorite among backpackers, nature lovers, and people craving a different adventure.

The island boasts epic waterfalls, enchanting caves and trees, white sand beaches, and gorgeous diving spots. Even without the tales of sorcery and faith healers, Siquijor is indeed magical.

Siquijor offers quite a range of activities. Some you may only experience on the island — like visiting the faith healers.

There are majestic waterfalls to hop on, an enormous cave to wander, jungles to explore, beautiful white sand beaches to bask on, old churches to visit, and an old-aged, majestic Balete tree to admire.

There are also snorkeling areas in Siquijor where you can glimpse Siquijor’s rich underwater. If you visit in October, you can join Siguijor's famous Dilaab festival to celebrate St. Francis of Assisi.

The island is relatively tiny, so you can explore the island on rented scooters and interact with the locals. There are also camping and glamping spots you can choose to spend the night on aside from resorts and guesthouses.

Famous spots to explore in Siquijor

Siquijor is called magical for nothing, so practically every corner is worth exploring. However, here are some of the top spots there mostly included in most travelers' itineraries.

  1. Cambugahay Falls

    Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor

    Cambugahay Falls is among the island’s more well-known waterfalls. It’s a three-tier waterfall that features impressive turquoise waters in the town of Lazi.

    You may choose to hire a guide to go there or explore the area on your own.

    Aside from swimming and diving into its clear waters, show off your inner Tarzan by jumping into it through a rope swing. Those not brave enough can try paddling a raft or simply admire the splendor of this natural treasure.

  2. Old Enchanted Balete Tree

    A Siquijor trip would be incomplete without visiting this 400-year-old Balete tree. Still standing firm and mighty with its long and thick vines, it exudes a mystical aura. Way to make you feel you’re really in Siquijor.

    Just by this magical tree's foot lies a man-made fishpond. Here you can dip your feet while you admire the tree’s grandeur.

  3. Cantabon Cave

    Experience cave spelunking in Siquijor with the Cantabon Cave. Here you’ll go 20 meters deep down and complete an 800-meter spelunk. Stalagmites and stalactites in different shapes and sizes, and a freezing cold swim awaits you.

    Worry less though because guides will assist you through the slippery and bizarre-shaped walls of the cave.

    Exploring Cantabon cave isn’t an easy feat to achieve (approximately an hour to complete), but it’s undoubtedly one of the most rewarding you’ll have.

  4. Paliton Beach

    A hidden beach in Siquijor, Paliton Beach is perfect for those seeking serenity. The beach has one of the most transparent waters and whitest sand on the island, making it a paradise in its own right.

    Quiet and calm — plus a breathtaking sunset, the beach is the perfect relaxation spot to end a long day.

    It has full reefs under the water you can explore‌. Just be careful not to cause harm to the corals because it’s one of the island's treasures.

Best time to visit Siquijor

Like most tourist destinations in the Philippines, the best time to visit Siquijor is during the Summer months. The months from February to April have the most ideal weather condition for exploring the island.

Typhoons rarely visit the country during these months. There’s not much rain to interrupt your island itinerary and there’s just average humidity. These months, the waters are also the safest for traveling.

Siquijor 3 Days Weather Forecast

Planning to visit Siquijor in the next coming days? Checkout the weather in Siquijor.

Jun 15, 2024
27.2 °C
Moderate rain
Moderate rain
Jun 16, 2024
27.6 °C
Moderate rain
Moderate rain
Jun 17, 2024
27.3 °C
Moderate rain
Moderate rain
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How to get to Siquijor?

Travel to Siquijor

There are no direct flights to Siquijor yet. To reach this mystical island, either fly to Cebu, Dumaguete in Negros Occidental, or Bohol and take a ferry ride to the island.

Siquijor has two main seaports: one in town and one in Larena.


From Dumaguete

If you're coming from Dumaguete, take a 15-30 minute tricycle ride to Dumaguete seaport and board a 1-2 hour ferry ride to Siquijor. Ferry fare ranges from Php150 - Php360.


If you're coming from Cebu, hop on a 4-hour bus ride to Liloan port in Santander. The fare is around Php235. Then, board a 3-hour ferry trip to Larena port, Siquijor. The ferry fare is Php200.


From Bohol

If you fly to Bohol, there’s a regular ferry trip to Siquijor via Tagbilaran. Travel time usually takes 3 hours and costs Php475. There’s another one that only takes 2 hours but costs more.


Upon arriving at Siquijor port, you take a tricycle or habal-habal to town or the resort you’ll stay.

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