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Calicoan Island
Eastern Samar

About Calicoan Island

Calicoan Island is situated in a town in Guiuan that is located in the Eastern Samar province. The Island is bounded by Leyte Gulf on the west side and the Pacific Ocean on the east side. The place comes with rich biodiversity. You can see exotic species in the area, such as macaque monkeys and civet cats.

The Island is rewarded with white sand beaches, saltwater lagoons, tropical rainforest, and several caves. The Calicoan Island is also called the Jewel of the Pacific Coast and a well-known "Perfect Paradise." However, several of us don't even know that this Island has crystal blue waters and white sand beaches.

Tourists who have visited the Island come back for vacation and most especially surfing. The locals are proud of Calicoan Island as they can foresee that it will be a popular destination in the future.

You can find Guiuan, Eastern Samar, in the southernmost tip of Samar in the archipelago of the Philippines. Locals have envisioned that the Island will become a surfing capital in the future. They have also anticipated that it will become the top tourist spot in the Visayas.

There are several activities you can do on the Island of Calicoan. Are you having a hard time thinking of the activities you can do on Calicoan Island? Well, it might be harder for you as there are several options you have.

However, we are here to help you choose from the best activities you can find on Calicoan Island. You can walk along the ocean with the best sceneries. They also have tons of water sports that you will surely love. Everyone can find the activity they love on this Island.

The Island is full of surprises for the tourist who visits it. The Island has limestone cliffs that are tempting for rock climbers. They have unspoiled white sand beaches suitable for walking during and sightseeing. The rock formations on the Island are alien abstracts which are best for camera buffs.

They have Binabasalan Island, Pearl Island, and Baul Island, which are great for diving. The waters are crystal clear and great for those who love swimming. The caves are also cathedral-like. They have the Buro cave, which is only accessible during low tide.

The seashores have stalactites. They have over 20 romantic and isolated coves. They also have six different kinds of new and substantial saltwater lagoons. Lastly, they have over 50% of virgin tropical forest on the Island.

You can even find great food on the Island. Their long beach is ideal for anyone who loves snorkeling, swimming, watching amazing sceneries, and picnics. In addition, their forest is home to colorful birds, chievous monkeys, and monitor lizards.

Activities in Calicoan Island:

  1. Surfing
  2. Swimming
  3. Bask in the Calicoan Island white sand beaches
  4. Experience the saltwater lagoons
  5. Explore their caves in the Island

Best time to visit Calicoan Island

When should you visit Calicoan Island?

The best month for any tourist to visit the Island of Calicoan is from April to September. During this month, the Island will have a little or mediocre rainfall and warm temperature. The lowest average temperature in Calicoan Island is 27°C during February, and the highest is 30°C in august. It is because the Island comes with a prevailing tropical rainforest climate.

Calicoan Island 3 Days Weather Forecast

Planning to visit Calicoan Island in the next coming days? Checkout the weather in Calicoan Island.

Jul 14, 2024
27.8 °C
Heavy rain
Heavy rain
Jul 15, 2024
27.3 °C
Moderate rain
Moderate rain
Jul 16, 2024
27.5 °C
Heavy rain
Heavy rain
Strong Winds.
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How to get to Calicoan Island?

Exploring Calicoan Island

Have you decided to travel to Calicoan Island? If yes, then you are about to experience one of the exciting events in your life. However, there is no direct flight that can land you on the Island. So here are ways on how you can get to Calicoan Island.



You can book a flight to Tacloban via Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, or Cebu Pacific. The flight will last for about 1hr and 20 mins.


Upon arrival in Tacloban City, you can take a Jeepney going to the Tacloban terminal. It will cost around PHP 30 for Jeepney and PHP 100 - PHP 200 for Taxi from Airport to Terminal or Vans Terminal.



There are a lot of Vans terminal located in Tacloban downtown. Van going to Guiuan depart every almost every 30 mins. The fare will cost around PHP 160.


In Manila, you can take a Cubao Silver Star Bus going to Guiuan. There is only one schedule going to Guiuan every day. The travel time will last for 27 hours, more or less. The fare for going to Guiuan is around PHP 2,010.

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