Seafood Destinations in the Philippines: 7 Best Destinations for Seafood Lovers

Into the Sea: 7 Best Seafood Destinations in the Philippines for Seafood Lovers

A haven for food lovers, this country is! With over 7,000 islands for you to journey through, the Philippines is never in short of a new food trip to embark on. One of the benefits of living in an archipelago is that it’s an endless seafood lover trip dream come true.

You have unlimited access to the best quality of seafood known all around the world. Beyond the dampa in Manila, you have so much more to choose from. It truly is a seafood paradise on earth.

Let’s take a trip around the Philippines and dive into the sea. Here are 7 best seafood places for seafood lovers like you.

  1. Roxas City

    Pick to your heart’s content between hearty mud crabs with juicy aligue, tender squid, ravishing scallops, and oysters caught fresh from the sea. These beauties can only be found in the seafood capital of the Philippines–Roxas City! The gem of Capiz offers all types of seafood you can gorge on for days.

    If you’re a first-timer, however, you might be overwhelmed about the best choice of seafood here. If you don’t know where to start your sampling, we’ve got you covered! Head over to Baybay Beach for the best seafood eateries!

    While in Roxas, you should visit the Seafood Court found in the People’s Park Plaza. It truly is a wonderland for seafood lovers as you’re wrapped with charcoal and seafood scents wafting in the air. You can also try out Albason’s Seafood Grill, a family-owned restaurant known for ihaw-ihaw and fresh seafood.

    Finally, cross off Banica Dried Fish Market from your gastronomic bucket list and bring home uga and daing as pasalubong for your loved ones! You can also get your fill of dilis, fish tocino, and alamang here.

  2. Isabela

    Are you a lobster lover? We’ve got just the place for you! Isabela is heaven on earth for lobster fans all around. You can get all the lobster you want to indulge in without breaking the bank. The Dumagats, a local tribe in Isabela, even use freshly-caught lobsters to trade for canned goods.

    When you take a seafood lover trip down to Isabela, you can look forward to the freshest humongous shrimps and other premium crustaceans. There are also a lot of seafood restaurants to choose from, especially paluto ones like Dampa sa Cauayan!

  3. Bohol

    We’re sure that you have heard of Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, but their seafood is worth taking a bite of too! Oysters galore–that’s what Bohol is known for in terms of seafood. You get the freshest of oysters here, incomparable to any ones in the country.

    Take a seafood lover trip to Cambuhat River Village and Oyster Farm to get the best and most delicious fill of oysters! You can also try oyster farming for the first time here. Bohol also prides itself on its Prawn Farm Restaurant where you can eat the biggest prawns to your heart’s content!

  4. Surigao City

    You may have heard of Surigao because of their breathtaking beaches and its picturesque surfing spots, but their seafood is one thing that tourists come back for as well. Aside from being like a scene straight out of a movie, they also have the best seafood restaurants in the Philippines.

    In Manila, you might have gotten used to struggling to find tiny crabs, but in Surigao? It’s no problem at all. Feast on massive mud crabs, prawns, and even octopus without too much effort looking! It’s truly a must go-to on every seafood lover trip bucket list.

  5. Manila

    Image: Dampa market where you buy raw seafoods and have it cooked in any of the restaurants in the area

    If you’re stuck in the metro, you can get your seafood lover trip fantasy too! Try out the little oyster bar in Poblacion known as Wantusawa. You can get your fill of oysters here, freshly flown in from Aklan. There is also Red Crab, found in several malls across Manila, where you can pick from an array of crab recipes like Salted Egg, Kare-kare, and Butter Ginger.

    But if you want the authentic kamayan experience for seafood, head over to the Shrimp Bucket where you can put on gloves and bibs and dig in! They provide you with a bag of shrimps, mussels, and crabs that you can pair with their signature sauces.

  6. General Santos

    Aside from boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, General Santos is also known worldwide for its yellow fin tuna. Known as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General Santos has a flourishing tuna industry because it sources from Sarangani Bay and other rich bodies of water in Mindanao. They also won the “Largest Fish Display” in the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2016 with a total of 33,610 kg of fresh tuna catches!

    Head over to the General Santos Fish Port Complex and watch how they trade tuna firsthand. Tunas shipped from Gen San are the ones used in Japan’s fish markets. Amazing, isn’t it?

  7. Boracay

    If you’ve gone down to Boracay, there are also several seafood restaurants waiting in store for you. They source directly from the fish, shellfish, and other seafood caught in the island.

    For Filipino-Castilian delicacies, you can head down to Dos Mestizos where they offer fried squid, seared oysters in garlic and jamon serrano, and tiger prawns in saffron and garlic butter. It’s one of the most popular seafood restaurants on the island.

    For a local fish and chips shop, you can try out Tilapia ‘N Chips where you can feast on the pleasant taste of Tilapia and enjoy other seafood dishes as well. Finally, try out the seafood platter at Pig Out Bistro where you can find dishes like the crab burger and oysters mignonette as well.


The Philippines: Paradise for Seafood Lovers

If you’re still thinking about where you should go for your next trip, think no further! The Philippines will definitely have you jumping for joy. From the North to the South, the country’s loaded with seafood destinations everywhere.

Get the best seafood for the lowest price only in this amazing country. So, if you’re a seafood lover, best believe that it really is more fun in the Philippines! Head over to the Philippines now and turn that seafood lover trip of your dreams into a reality!

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