Top 10 Reasons to Visit Boracay

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Boracay

The world-renowned Boracay Island is a popular destination in the Philippines Visayas region, just an hour away by plane from Manila. For those who love the beach and a beachside vacation, Boracay is a slice of paradise.

A postcard-worthy island haven, this island offers no end of thrilling activities and experiences. You will indeed wake up to breathtaking views of White Beach; palm trees that swayed and seemed to orchestrate rhythmic movements, azure waters as smooth as glass, and sands as fine as snow. Its charm and unique nature have attracted people to Boracay for years.

In this article, we will explain 10 reasons you should travel to Boracay at least once in your life.

  1. Beautiful Beaches

    Boracay’s sand is often referred to as one of the finest in the world. White Beach, the main beach of the island, is without a doubt a stunning beach in Asia. The famous Puka Beach, also known as Shell Beach, is also a beautiful beach in Boracay, as is Bulabog Beach, where there is kitesurfing available.A little further away, Diniwid Beach is accessible via an undercliff walkway, and offers a more relaxed atmosphere. Indeed, Boracay’s superb beaches make the island a must-see.

  2. Exciting Water Sports Activities

    Boracay has no age limit for adventure. You’ll get to experience the wind in your hair, feel the waves against your face, and try something new. Get in a standup paddle, go kite surfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving on the beach.Fun water activities like banana boating, fly fishing, and helmet diving are also ideal for spending time with your family and friends. For adrenaline junkies, parasailing is also an option if you want to see the whole island above the water while being pulled by a boat from above.

  3. Seafood Destination

    In the Philippine Seas, there are many types of fish, shellfish, crab, shrimp, and other kinds of seafood. The best and most authentic (and cheapest) way to enjoy a seafood feast on Boracay is to buy the fresh seafood from the local market yourself and have it prepared to your liking in one of the “paluto” restaurants (aka cooking services).You can also have it setup as a boodle fight. It’s filled with fresh seafood and tender meats – you won’t want to miss! Also, make sure you drink coconut water!

  4. Aklanon Culture

    Aklan celebrates Ati-Atihan Festival every January as a tribute to Santo Niño, which includes tribal dance and music, along with indigenous ensembles and a vibrant parade. Often referred to as the Philippines’ version of Mardi Gras, this festival is considered one of the best in the country.

  5. Sunsets

    Boracay sunsets are world-renowned for their vivid colors and are regarded as one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. On White Beach, especially. It’s beautiful to watch the abstract pattern formed by those shades of oranges, pinks, and reds in the sky. There’s something so magical about seeing all the Filipino sailing boats out together on the water as the sun goes down. The sight is breathtaking! Get a glimpse of Boracay’s stunning sunsets on a private sunset cruise aboard the iconic Paraw sailboats.

  6. Nightlife Scene

    While Boracay’s nightlife has slowed since reopening and it is no longer permitted to drink on the beaches, don’t let that stop you from enjoying a night out. There’s still that beach vibe when you’re sipping cocktails on a bean bag in the sand. In the late afternoon, most bars start their happy hour, which allows you to enjoy unlimited cocktails while looking out over the ocean or mingling with others.

    Tip: During sunset, beachfront bars can get very crowded, so getting there early or booking a spot in advance is advised.

  7. Accommodation for Every Budget

    The sheer amount of quality hotels you can stay in on Boracay is one of the best things about this place. The Shangri-La Hotel is probably the most famous luxury resort in Boracay. In contrast, there is a tremendous amount of budget hotels on the island. Several of which offer great value and understand what travelers want from a hostel. The combination of luxurious hotels and budget hotels, as well as the option to rent apartments or villas, means that Boracay has something for everybody.

  8. The Locals

    Boracay’s people will welcome you with friendliness and openness when you arrive. The locals speak English as well, so there is no barrier in terms of language. This way, you can easily make friends with the locals and the other tourists.

    Further, in Boracay, local heritage can easily be overlooked, but if you’re interested in getting to know the people and their cultures, you must visit Motag Living Museum. An interactive cultural museum located 30 minutes from Boracay showcases the Malayanon way of life, from grass weaving to rice farming.

  9. Underwater Experience

    There are a variety of marine species in Boracay reefs, including anemonefish, Black and Whitetip sharks, Grey reef sharks, tuna, and schools of jacks. These are just some of the things you can see on this local favorite wall dive.

    The island of Boracay has more than 15 dive sites that can be reached by boat. Beginners shouldn’t have any problems getting started since most of the exercises are easy. Additionally, there are some challenging diving sites, such as Yapak, for experienced divers.

  10. Sustainable Tourism

    Following years of unregulated development and commercialism, Boracay is now moving towards sustainable tourism. As part of the rehabilitation process in 2018, there was a six-month closure, after which reopening with new ecotourism regulations took place.

    Air polluting as well as noise pollution-causing activities are prohibited. Smoking is one of them. Also, it is no longer allowed to bring or use single-use plastics, and the number of visitors allowed per day is restricted.

Final Thoughts: Is it worthwhile to travel to Boracay island?

Definitely! There is no doubt that Boracay is still worth considering for your Philippines travel itinerary. The island is a complete resort destination. Boracay offers a variety of watersports, stunning beaches, and laid-back nightlife, making it the perfect summer getaway. Family trips and activities are plentiful in Boracay, as well as activities for large groups of friends. Even couples can find romantic activities in Boracay!

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